Anuladé is a story telling songwriter and artist

As a child I was creative, experimenting with art using paint, collage, textures, light, & sound; singing my heart out and throwing myself into drama.

After school I pursued a proper job stumbling from office work to sales and teaching. Illness and a debilitating condition called thyroid eye disease meant a series of operations to save my sight. I was forever changed and finding magic in storytelling through art and music propelled me through those toughest of times. 


New Release Zero  

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Track List

1.     Shut Away

2.    Seasons Of The Soul

3.    Dance ‘Til the Stars Go Out

4.    Just Breathe

5.    Stop Looking Back 

6.    The Younger Years

7.     Everywhere and Anywhere 

8.    The Fountain of Youth (Best of Who You Are)

9.    Room

10.  Share The Love

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Share the love

The video premier for Share the love was in Music News

Just Breathe

The video premier for Just Breathe was in Music News

Athleisure Wear and Bespoke Couture Launch

Anuladé has her own range of Athleisure Wear including leggings, T-Shirts and Hoodies, all featuring her unique art. Alongside the Athleisure Wear a range of bespoke couture clothing and gifts is available. See more at See more at>