A Short Bio

Finding magic in storytelling through art and music has propelled Anuladé through the tough times. Her passion and creativity burst forth after being suppressed for years after she dutifully pursued a ‘proper job’ stumbling from office management to sales and teaching. As a child Anuladé was driven by her creativity, experimenting with mashing up art by using paint, collage, textures, light and sound; singing her heart out and throwing herself into drama at school.

An unexpected spate of illness resulting in the debilitating thyroid eye disease which meant a series of operations to save her sight. Once the surgery was over Anuladé could make plans and shake it all up! Her outlook was forever changed, “the experience I had with my health gave me
a second chance and I wasn’t going to waste it! So, I began a new chapter of my life, which was to prepare myself for what I really wanted to do!”

Throwing herself back into art and music Anuladé began a seven year journey resulting in her establishing herself as an artist and now the release of her first album Troika. She has been playing the guitar for over eight years and is currently engrossed in working on her second album. This is despite being diagnosed with DCIS ( Ductal carcinoma in situ) it is the earliest possible form of breast cancer. DCIS is effectively the pre-cancer stage and is not life-threatening, but if left untreated there is a 50% chance of it developing into aggressive breast cancer.

Anuladé has to travel the same road as Angelina Jolie so publicly did in 2013, but this is just a pothole. A pothole that Anuladé explains is something to be refilled, because “ there is a fire inside me that just gets brighter. Everything I’ve experienced whether good or bad just adds more fuel to that fire. So if you ask me, what motivates me to do what I’m doing today, it’s everything; because if I had not suffered in some way I would not have learnt the capacity for strength. If I had not experienced pain, I would not understand how great it is to be healthy. Equally if I had not experienced struggles I would not have the drive I have within me. I hope my story in my music will in some way comfort anyone who is struggling in there life and let them know that they will get through it, they are not alone and that they will be ok!”

Latest news

Share the love

The video premier for Share the love was in Music News

Just Breathe

The video premier for Just Breathe was in Music News

Athleisure Wear and Bespoke Couture Launch

Anuladé has this week launched a range of Athleisure Wear including leggings, T-Shirts and Hoodies, all featuring her unique art. Alongside the Athleisure Wear a range of bespoke couture clothing and gifts is available. See more at https://anulade.rocks