As a child I was creative, experimenting with art using paint, collage, textures, light, & sound; singing my heart out and throwing myself into drama.

After school I pursued a proper job stumbling from office work to sales and teaching. Illness and a debilitating condition called thyroid eye disease meant a series of operations to save my sight. I was forever changed and finding magic in storytelling through art and music propelled me through those toughest of times.

With surgery over, I could make plans and shake it all up! I had a second chance and I wasn’t going to waste it! I My passion and creativity burst forth having been suppressed for years and I began a journey to explore, and establish myself, as an artist, singer and song-writer. My emotional voyage of self-discovery inspired my 1st album Troika with my debut single Dance til the stars go out.

More health issues strengthened my resolve and I continued to write my next album despite being diagnosed with DCIS. I had to travel the same road that Angelina Jolie did so publicly. But, with increased empathy for her and others who face cancer, I moved into the country and now live in a C.17th farmhouse, which I’m refurbishing. While knocking down walls and renovating my new home I have finished writing my new album, with the first two single releases being Zero and Empty Pockets followed by Medicine Everyday.

I remain irrepressible; there is a fire inside me that continues to get brighter and all my experiences whether good or bad just add more fuel to my flames.

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